From new campsites to a hike across time zones, there’s plenty to explore in BC parks.
Super, Natural British Columbia
Stone Mountain Provincial Park
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BC parks are a year-round pleasure, and it's never too early to start planning your next getaway. Here’s some inspiration, and news on what's to come.
Garibaldi Provincial Park
Expand Your Camping Horizons
The Province of BC has just announced a plan to add more than 1,900 new campsites to help meet growing demand. More than 800 of the sites will be in provincial parks and over 1,000 will be in recreation sites. It’s all part of the new BC Parks Future Strategy.

Liard River Hot Springs
Soak Up BC Hot Springs
The journey is part of the adventure as you hike through a forest—or spend a day on the water—en route to a rejuvenating hot spring. Here are three must-visit hot springs in BC parks.

Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park
Hike Into Another Dimension
Have you ever wanted to experience time travel? You can at Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park. The park is divided across two time zones, Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Mountain Standard Time (MST), so you can hike by day in one time zone and camp by night in another.

Super, Natural British Columbia
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